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Sand Maker Promotes Development of Mining Market

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The sand maker promotes the development of the sand making industry. The new sand maker with high efficiency developed and researched by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery set the three breakup mode as a whole, which is the core equipment in domestic and international construction, mining, metallurgy industry, highways, railways, bridges, hydropower, mineral grinding areas and mechanisms sands. The latest sand maker is used widely in the mining machinery market. The most important application areas are cement industry, paving and mining industry. The application of sand maker in these two sectors accounts for about 30 percent of the industry as a whole.

At present, the national brand of the sand and stone equipment of our country also gets fast development and the production technology of the sand and stone also get improved. Hongxing Machinery devotes to become your cooperation partner in mining machinery.

Sand making equipment selection will directly affect the investment benefit and final product quality. Selection of equipment is mainly based on the characteristics of sand and customers’ requirement. The core of the entire production line is crushing equipment, therefore, when choose aggregates production equipment, it is the most important to select crushing machines.

The development of artificial sand suits many policies of the government, and it has many advantages, for example, it is able to make up for the inadequate supply of the medium and coarse sand in the natural sand resources; it can be artificially blend the sand grading; the composition of the sand can be controlled artificially; various tailings and waste stone materials can be used to produce the artificial sand. The shortage of sand resources opens wide development room for the popularization and application of artificial sand.

In the present development stage of our country, the artificial sand and stone are the main sand raw materials for all big projects and various key water-control projects. Then the sand maker in the sand manufacturing production is playing a more and more important role. The HX sand maker manufactured by Hongxing Machinery is highly efficient and energy saving, so that it is able to meet the sand and stone needs in the market. The sand maker has wide market development prospect.

The highly efficient HX sand maker produced by Hongxing Machinery is integrated with crushing and reshaping, and it is suitable for medium and fine crushing all kinds of rocks and stone with different hardness. On the basis of wet and dry sand making, our company first developed half-dry sand making technology and equipped environmentally friendly sand and stone aggregate processing system, thus avoiding the pollution to the air by the dry sand making. In addition, it is able to better collect and process the construction waste water, control the fineness and water content rate in the sand, so that high stone powder content can be gained, and at the same time, the system technology is simplified and the operation cost is reduced.

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